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With its history, sea, cultural assets and high quality tourism facilities, Antalya is known as the capital of Tutkish tourism. With Belek, Kemer, Side-Manavgat, Alanya, Lara-Kunda, and Kaş tourism centers, Antalya hosts more than 10 million foreign quests every year. Along with a cultural heritage deeply rooted in history, Antalya’s coves and highlands of unique beauty, pristine beaches, comfortable hotels and marinas, colourful entertainment venues, and art-filled festivals all make it a tourist destination that offers endless possibilities to its guests.

These include the pleasure of sunbathing from sunrise to sunset; the natural thrill of outdoor sports in the grip of mother nature; the excitement of discovering national parks with their rich flora and fauna, ancient cities, museums and Kaleiçi; the mystery of the mountains and the peaceful Mediterranean coves drawing you away; the romance of watching an opera outdoors under the stars at night; sampling the unique delicacies of Turkish cuisine and enjoying the party scene. Meeting the hospitable people of Antalya is just another part of the pleasant holiday experience.

Where to go?

Antalya Musuem



Mediterranean Cruises

Perge Ruins

The Hill of Tunektepe

How can I get there?


Being 10 km from the city from Antalya, Antalya Airport (IATA: AYT; ICAO: LTAI) caters for the charter flights full of holiday makers. Airlines that serve Antalya include: (lowcost and charters from Netherlands, France and Denmark), AtlasJet (domestic flights), SunExpress (dozens of flights from all over Europe), Turkish Airlines (plenty of flights from Ankara and İstanbul-Atatürk), Aeroflot (daily flights from Moscow-Sheremetyevo), Ukraine International Airlines (several charter flights a week from Kiev) to Antalya. Britain is also represented by numerous Charter firms such as Thomas Cooks and Airtours. Condor also serves Antalya.


Antalya is a holiday paradise has become a global brand of tourism. Below there is an information which will be useful when you are planning to get Antalya by your own car: From Istanbul to Antalya is approximately 727 kilometers (km) and takes about 30 minutes to about 10 hours.


The Turkish bus system is comprehensive and you can get about anywhere from everywhere. Better spend a few more liras and you will have an unforgettable journey. Ulusoy has buses with seats that resemble business class in airplanes. There are also other bus companies, including Kamil Koc, Truva and Varan. Some companies have an onboard WLAN.


Most travelers arrive in Marmaris from Rhodes, Greece, then bus it overland. You can also take a ferry from Kastellorizo, a tiny Greek island just off the Turkish fishing village of Kas.